Forever and a day...

Late Entry From September 2010.

I've been so out of the loop lately.  I took all my goal setting to heart and started getting serious about my degree. So yes, now I have my Associates. That piece or paper and a dollar will get you two cherry pies at McDonald's. It seems as if my tone is is a bit more cynical than normal. If you noticed this new nuance of mine, then you are quite perceptive and in tune with the world because yes I am tired!  I am sick and tired of the divisive nature of the mainstream media.  People are being categorized as being Left-wing Liberal Communist Pigs or Right-Wing nut jobs incapable of intelligent thought or the ability to separate glass, plastic and compost appropriately.  It's not my intention to bash anyone's political party or instill a negative attitude into a fresh faced coed, but to stage a decompression stop so I may blow off some of this hot air. 

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