When I retired me and my husband decided I earned my time to stay home with our two darling daughters, but I got bored and diversified with direct sales. I chose companies that I loved while I was on active duty and added true value to my family's life. 
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This is a cat named Jinx or Madam Meow Meow. She's tucked in a blanket. My favorite blanket and sleeping. I wish I was this cat, tucked in my favorite blanket, asleep too. I am not this cat. I am her staff and will let the Madam sleep as I awkwardly try to get comfy without disturbing her. 
I had forgotten how our pets are so much like toddlers. As a mom, I never was able to go to the bathroom alone without hearing "Mom, Mama, mum, mammah, mummy, mum, mommy, momoh, ma" until I responded or opened the door until my children were at least 5 or 6. With this darling kitty, I cannot even take a shower without her in the room. She is possessive of me too. Forget about cuddling with my nonfurry children. She will insert herself between us and nibble on the children until they go elsewhere. <sigh> at least I'm loved and fought for right? Don't worry too much for my nonfurry children, we still have cuddle & reading time. We just have to shut the door with the Madam outside of the room. She regales us with a dirge of pitiful caterwauls that would put a Siamese to shame. 
I sometimes wonder if she thinks I'm in danger and she's trying to save or protect me. Kinda like Clovis in Stephen King's Skinwalkers or the Cat in Cat's Eye, that protects the children from the gnome/mini troll that steals children's breath. I now see why a woman would've  been branded a witch for having a cat as her familiar, because Jinx sleeps at my left shoulder (normally, but not tonight), "talks" to me during the day, waits by the door while I'm away and greats me when I get home. Oh the life of this sweet kitty. No wonder the Pharaohs of Egypt thought the cat was a divine creature. If I were to reincarnate, I'd like to come back as a cat. Wouldn't you?