Plain Jane Celebrity Nexus

Recently I've been sucked into the vortex called Twitter.  It's where normal people tweet and the famous broadcast.  I have "met" so many interesting people.  Connected with people from all over the world.  I've enjoyed #MFZAR conversations, #punday, and #followfriday.  It's incredible how this social network has let us normals mingle with the abnormal, beautiful, scary, brilliant, nerdy, geeky, sweet, naughty, famous, infamous and helpful tweeps.  

It has it's pitfalls.  Watch out for the #failwhales, the MLM's, and Decepticons who autobot DM (direct message) you. Or those lovely twits who tweet the same thing over and over again.  Fortunately you can choose not follow them or block them. ;)  Never feel guilty about unfollowing someone who mars your sTweet experience.  It's your experience!  If you find someone that nourishes your mind, body or soul... TELL the TWITTERVERSE!!! The greatest compliment you can give is to #followfriday them or RT (retweet) them.

It's important to be yourself and make an effort to be nice.  If you can't say anything nice unfollow someone.  I unfollowed a poor lady because I couldn't be nice.  She had multiple diseases or medical conditions who announced via Twitter that her husband wanted a divorce.  Hello LADY roll your chair away from the computer and have a real conversation with your husband and family.  You were tweeting 45 times an hour!   I call it divine intervention.  She needed to get re-engaged with what was going on with her family instead of typing "LOL!!!!!" every 20 seconds.  I'm not Dr. Phil but I'm sure he'd say the same thing.

One of the greatest boons to using Twitter is that you still can connect with your friends without them sending you their top 5 , or hugs, plants, flowers, eggs, smurfs, or soul food.  Don't get me wrong, earlier this year I was on convalescent leave for 42 days and needed virtual human contact.  I was so lonely, stuck in bed, and on serious pain killers.  The wait for someone to challenge me to some "Who's your 80's Tiger Beat Heart Throb" was like sticking bamboo underneath my fingernails... PAINFUL!  I was addicted and facebook was my crack. 

Will I have a facebook relapse?  Chances are slim.  I got put on the patch and it's called Twitter.