Forever and a day...

Late Entry From September 2010.

I've been so out of the loop lately.  I took all my goal setting to heart and started getting serious about my degree. So yes, now I have my Associates. That piece or paper and a dollar will get you two cherry pies at McDonald's. It seems as if my tone is is a bit more cynical than normal. If you noticed this new nuance of mine, then you are quite perceptive and in tune with the world because yes I am tired!  I am sick and tired of the divisive nature of the mainstream media.  People are being categorized as being Left-wing Liberal Communist Pigs or Right-Wing nut jobs incapable of intelligent thought or the ability to separate glass, plastic and compost appropriately.  It's not my intention to bash anyone's political party or instill a negative attitude into a fresh faced coed, but to stage a decompression stop so I may blow off some of this hot air. 


Another Late Entry this is from August 2010

If you ask different leaders what their one piece of advice would be to their protege you might hear a few different answers:
"Lead from the front" is common.  This is usually heard when the unit or command you belong to run in formation... often.  I admit, I am not a runner. A sprinter yes, runner no.  Does this come from a "Hurry up and wait" acceptable norm?  Maybe, but more than likely it's because I ran track in my youth and played basketball.
"Take care of your people" is good too.  It's good practice to not burn out your work force.  You want to make sure they come back the next day.  People who are taken care of do better work. Compensation isn't just found on a pay stub, but in recognition and appropriate discipline and structure.  Those wayward members of your team who seam aimless probably are.  The greatest thing you can do to care for your people is to see that "light" go on behind their eyes, when they "get it" and know what to do with it.
The final piece of advice I've heard quoted is "What is popular isn't always right, and what is right isn't always popular."  This is the reason I am breaking my silence on my blog.  What you're about to read isn't popular, but I think it's right. You'll probably defriend me or unfollow me, and more than likely blast me a response.

Sometimes with courage comes a little pain.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal

The survey response was under 30%. Really people, you have no opinion about the repeal of DADT?

Military Voting Rights in Jeopardy WHAT!
We serve to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. The 15th, 19th, 24th and 26th Constitutional Amendments identify reasons why every US citizen should not be denied the opportunity to vote, it's up to the states to grant the right to vote. Service-members and their families are sometimes stationed overseas and not every GWOT service-member is stationed in a tax free-zone. If these eleven states want to take away our ability to vote because we happen to be stationed in a far off locale preventing us from "popping" into the local voting precinct to make our voices heard, I think our required state taxes for those same states should be exempted until the procedural issues are fixed. It's easy enough to check how many tax dollars these Military Unfriendly states are due to lose. If any service-member is interested in changing their state of legal residence (which can be changed at anytime) the DD Form 2058 can be found here: http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/infomgt/forms/eforms/dd2058.pdf
BTW: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania NEVER seems to have any problems getting an absentee ballot to me.

Military Life and Politics

Late posting:  I've been urged to start blogging again.  This was written prior to the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. It was really just a vent about the Army order for military personnel in war zones. No response is required.

I have to preface this as:
I am not speaking on the behalf of the US Navy, DOD, or US Government.

The last couple of months have brought a few issues to the surface in regards to military life.  The first was war zone pregnancy, and the second is the discussion surrounding the proposed repeal of "Don't Ask.  Don't Tell."  How our leadership treats these issues affect me and my fellow service members.

As a mom who happens to also be a sailor, I take sexual responsibility and parenthood seriously.  I have nine years between my first and second child.  I'm not being judgmental but the guys you serve with are your brothers, add to that idea, the service members were in a war zone.  Really?!  People couldn't control their urges long enough to wait until they were safe?  (Safe in ALL meanings of the word.)

On the other hand, the military has an unsupported portion of it's population who must hide its sexual identity. How can anyone serve in the military with Honor, Courage and Commitment if they have to lie daily to their co-workers, supervisors and subordinates?  For me it's a no brainer.