What's up? You may have asked & hopefully I answered.

It's been nearly a month since my last transmission. You, you know who you are, have been bugging me for another blog entry. Golly, I've been busy Beev. Let me list the ways.

  • I'm a year older (sorta). Had a Birthday anyway.
  • Made pleasantly aware I'm married to a Champion, USN Atlantic Fleet Individual Rifle First Place Winner.
  • Lived in a Marriott for 14 days (Charleston, Cocoa Beach, Charlotte).
  • Proud mother to a newly potty trained two year-old.
  • Completed seven books via my eReader Pro app for iPhone:
The Complete Demonica Series by Larissa Ione. Sinful reads perfect for lonely nights.
Slan by A. E. Vogt. How do we know our children won't surpass us?
Dead and Gone Southern Vampire Series Book nine. Dear Sookie, stay sweet.
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Genius isn't everything, hard work, luck, and a the perfect birthday make all the difference.
Lizard World by G. Bryan Smith. What's the meaning of slavery and when is it okay...
  • Was a techno-weenie by utilizing data merge to create 40 gratitude letters and labels on behalf of the USN Shooting Team, and crunched their post Atlantic Fleet Match Surveys into something neater with a graph.
  • Helped an old man with his luggage.
  • Saw four movies:
Star Trek - Awesome! I'm totally loving the ST, STNG, Enterprise, and other SCI-FI easter eggs.
Wolverine - Hugh Jackman.
Terminator - Unhappy about the ending. I think they killed the franchise.
Angels & Demons - I can't wait to read the book! It was a fun ride.
  • Saw three for real, not digital, IMAX's:
"Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3-D" - Tom Hanks narrated, but other well-known actors added their voices to this spectacular film.
"Space Station 3-D" - The 3-D imagery was super cool. Tom Cruise's nasally voice was distracting.
"Star Trek: IMAX" - The first five minutes had me crying again, the IMAX theater's sound quality is unmatched, and the huge screen made things I missed the first time pop out more.

What haven't I done?
  • I haven't walked past a vagrant without saying "Hello" or a panhandler without giving them $0.50. - It's my Karmic debt and charitable donations go far to dig you out of the hole.
  • Dined on McDonald's/ Burger King ... - If you haven't shopped at Trader Joe's or Farm Fresh you are missing out, no need to get Fast food. Real food is easier and better for you.
  • Dined at Bennigan's. I was crushed when my little family discovered the Monte Cristo is no more.
  • Left my hovel without an umbrella. - It's like the Eurythmics are on tour to every state I'm in!
  • Tried something new daily. - Food or exercise mostly.
  • Watched SCI-FI or BBC America. - I'm tweaking...
  • Escaped the pull of the Season finale of "American Idol" or this season's start of "So You Think You Can Dance."
  • Not read at least 3 chapters a day.
  • My ode to my Mom Blog. While Hubby and I were TAD Mom took care of the girls. They are GERM Magnets/Multipliers. Poor Grandma has been down with a bug since this past Thursday.
**@NAVYCS LUMPIA recipes will be posted! Your patience is appreciated.**

I have so many new followers on Twitter and I have been a poor Tweep. I refuse to Auto-DM. So as a blanket to all of you.... Mahalo for your follow. I really do add each of my valuable followers manually and check out their websites or blogs. My #FollowFriday recommends are not filled with everyone in my follow listing but of real tweeters who ADD something positive to my life. Maybe a blog on them would be in order? Hmmm.

Until next time, treasured surfer.